Today we have had a little reminiscence session within our office and we were struck by the time Emmerdale approached us to help develop their dementia storyline. We continue to feel honoured by this request and proud of the support we provided so we thought we would tell you guys all about it!

In 2016, our Dementia Specialists Natalie Dobson and Megan Bradbury won the UK’s best Dementia Carer’s award for the whole of the UK at the Great British Care Awards. Shortly after, they were approached by ITV to try and help develop Ashley’s storyline through their informative knowledge of the condition and its progression. ITV, John Middleton and Charlotte Bellamy (Ashley and Laurel Thomas) also came and spent the day with us, spending one to one time with the clients and looking at their independent life histories. This is something that Natalie and Megan really endorsed to ITV’s research team that just because Ashley had Dementia, he is still Ashley with his life history, family and vocation. He should keep his identity until the end. People living with Dementia should be looked at as individuals, not just as a diagnosis and we thought Emmerdale portrayed Ashley’s journey in a beautiful and dignified way. It truly was a pleasure to be part of.