About Our North Leeds Dementia Day Care Service

The Rainbow Care Group is delighted to present its two dementia day care clubs in our dementia day centres in the North Leeds area: the St Barnabas Church Centre Club and the Horsforth Community Sports Association Club. Our FREE Taster Days allow you to see for yourself the difference our dementia care services are making to thousands of individuals who are living with dementia in the UK. Book your FREE taster session today.

Our St Barnabas Church Centre Club

Every Monday & Friday 10am – 4pm

The View, Alwoodley, Leeds, LS17 7NA

Horsforth Community Sports Association Club

Every Tuesday & Wednesday 10am – 4pm

Horsforth Community Sports Association, Brownberrie Lane, Leeds, LS18 5SB

Our North Leeds dementia day care clubs run from beautiful community settings which all offer full disabled access and an abundance of indoor and outdoor space, which we make full use of with our varied and exciting activities.

Here at North Leeds, we offer person-centred care, and plan our days around what each member enjoys and needs. We offer activities such as gentle fitness, quizzes and brain training, reminiscence activities, day trips, pub lunches plus much, much more!

Our team are fully trained dementia specialists, and we do lots of work behind the scenes with cognitive stimulation therapy which is proven to improve symptoms and prevent deterioration, so while everyone thinks they are just having fun, we are actually working their brains hard to achieve the best outcomes for them!

Our members are looked after in this safe and calm setting, with personal care and medication for those who need it.

Here at The Rainbow Care Group (North Leeds), we offer high quality, specialist dementia care in a non clinical, community setting and we look forward to welcoming you in to the family!

Our memory café is open to anyone with a dementia diagnosis and their loved ones / carers.  It is a chance to get support, socialise, enjoy free entertainment, and meet people who are also on a dementia journey. The Café is well attended and professionals such as social prescribers and community nurses often are on hand to offer support and advise. Please join us on the last Wednesday of every month at our Horsforth venue

Rainbow Care dementia care outdoors

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Benefits of our dementia day care service

Peace of mind and respite for carers

Full day of activities provided, enabling fun

Refreshments, snacks and light lunch provided

Transportation options are available

Dementia day care clubs of 10-12 people promoting friendship

All activities planned prior to promote independence, dignity & choice

Activities promote mental and physical stimulation

Promoting dignity in Dementia, enabling independence and choice

Our dementia activities include:

Day trips • Reminiscence • Memory banks • Quizzes • Word games • Balloon volleyball • Reality orientation • Painting • Card making • Seated exercises • Sing alongs • Theme days

Here is what you will discover on your FREE Dementia Day Care Taster Day:

Discover the health & well-being benefits of our day care, you’ll be amazed how lifestyles improve.

How to find peace of mind for you and your loved ones, so you don’t need to worry anymore.

You’ll find out how day care upholds dignity and independence, taking all the stress away from you and your family.

Find out how carers quickly become companions, not only for the short term, but for life.

Discover how our price structure makes our award winning day care affordable for all.

Book your Free taster day

Try a FREE Taster Day. Experience one of our day clubs and discover how your loved ones can live better lives.

If you’d like to speak to us straight away, call 0113 5211037. We’re available seven days a week.

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    Meet our Dementia Care Specialists

    Lauren Galton

    I am delighted to have this opportunity to introduce myself and share my heartfelt passion for supporting families in Leeds who are facing the challenges of a dementia diagnosis.

    My name is Lauren, and my journey towards establishing The Rainbow Care Group – North Leeds was born out of a deeply personal experience. Witnessing firsthand the profound impact that dementia can have on individuals and their families, I was driven to make a difference in their lives.My own family has been touched by dementia, and I understand the emotional roller coaster that comes with this diagnosis. The confusion, frustration, and sense of helplessness can take a toll on both the affected individual and their loved ones. It was during this time that I realised the critical need for compassionate, specialised care and support.

    We aim to create a community in Leeds where families facing dementia can find solace, understanding, and guidance. We firmly believe that no one should face the challenges of dementia alone, and we are here to provide the support and care necessary to navigate this journey. I invite you to explore our website and learn more about Rainbow Dementia Day Care Services. Whether you are seeking assistance, seeking information, or simply looking for a compassionate community, we are here for you. Together, let us bring colors of hope, compassion, and joy to the lives of families affected by dementia in our beloved Leeds.

    In addition to my professional endeavors, I am also blessed to have a loving and supportive family by my side. I live with my wonderful partner, alongside our three children and two step-children. Their presence fills my life with joy, love, and inspiration. It is through my personal experiences as a parent and caregiver that I have gained a deeper understanding of the value of family, the importance of empathy, and the critical need for a strong support system. My own journey as a caregiver has equipped me with the empathy and compassion required to provide holistic care and support to families facing the challenges of dementia.

    By combining my personal experiences and professional expertise, I am driven to create a compassionate space where families can feel understood, supported, and empowered. Together, we can navigate the complex emotions and uncertainties that come with a dementia diagnosis, striving for a brighter tomorrow for those in need.

    Book your Free taster day

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is the taster day free?

    Totally. We want you to experience the day as if you were a full member. This means places are limited, so please contact us today to reserve a place.

    Is it a full day or half day?

    The day runs from 10am until 4pm. This is really important to give the carer a full day respite, but also to embed the loved one into the group. The change that takes place when someone gets a full day of stimulation is much faster, so beneficial all round.

    Can the carer stay with the loved one?

    We don’t advise this, no. This is because it is as important for the carer to get some time off and feel refreshed as it is for the loved one to feel part of the group.

    Is there food?

    Yes, we provide a healthy, nutritious lunch for all. (Allergies will be discussed prior to a taster day)

    Do you give personal care?

    We can provide personal care and we will deliver this support in the most respectful and dignified way possible. We provide a thorough assessment where we will be able to offer clarification on everything we can provide as part of our service.

    Book your Free taster day

    Carol - A Carer's Perspective (Video)

    As this video about Leeds rugby legend, John Atkinson, and his wife and carer Carol, testifies, Rainbow's Dementia Day Services really do make a difference. When it comes to dementia care, we look at the person and not the diagnosis.

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