Our Specialist Dementia Day Care Fees

Our specialist dementia day care services are available at a cost of £15 per hour, which is around 50% to 70% cheaper than what the average homecare agency charges for their sitting services.

With the Rainbow Care Group, each hour is tailored specifically around each individual to ensure the best outcomes and the maximum cognitive stimulation, all delivered by Dementia Practitioners.

Feedback from carers of the people we support say that accessing just one day a week with us makes the rest of the week easier for them and that they experience positive changes in their loved ones behaviour, such as improved mood and more regulated sleep patterns.

Hourly care, or full time residential care?

Care costs vary according to location and service, but range from around £25-£40 per hour for hourly homecare services. Care home fees, on the other hand, are usually charged monthly and can also vary, depending on a client’s needs. The average cost of a care home in England is around £1,500 per week.

It is important for you to consider what care you require, as options such as day care and 
companionship may be considerably less per hour. You may also be eligible for funding to help cover the cost of some or all of your care.

An Investment, Not a Cost

Much of the feedback we get from our clients families is that they see our services as an investment.

Our specialist dementia services allow families to stay at home together through carers getting adequate respite and improvements in regulated sleep etc. Five days a week respite with us will cost £425, just a quarter of an average care homes weekly fee.

Attendance Allowance

Attendance allowance is available for people over the age of 65 who access care services. It is not ‘means tested’ and can often cover some help at home or attendance at a day centre.

Local Authority Funding

Your local social services team can provide a financial assessment for your loved one and may offer some help with funding if they are deemed to have insufficient assets to meet the cost of care.

NHS Continuing Healthcare

A healthcare professional can assess people for NHS continuing healthcare. The person must be deemed as having a primary health need and meet a number of eligibility criteria. The assessment can be a long process, considering the complexity and unpredictability of a person’s needs.



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