Join us, the Rainbow Care Group, in embracing Dementia Awareness Week 2024, a significant national event where communities across the UK come together to uplift the lives of those impacted by dementia. From May 13th to 19th, let’s stand tall for our loved ones and make a difference.

The challenges highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic have underscored the struggles faced by families navigating dementia care within an inadequate, inaccessible, and inequitable social care framework. Sadly, individuals with dementia bore a disproportionate brunt of the pandemic, constituting a quarter of all COVID-19 fatalities in the UK.

It’s time for transformative change. We call upon the Government to rectify decades of neglect and disparity, and to construct a social care infrastructure that we can all take pride in.

This Dementia Awareness Week, the Rainbow Care Group stands alongside Alzheimer’s Society, rallying for a revamped social care system in 2024. Will you join us in championing this cause and demonstrating your compassion?

Let's Talk About Dementia - The Rainbow Care Group

Living with Dementia

In the UK, a staggering 34.5 million of us are connected to someone living with dementia. Together, we possess the power to ignite change.

Consider this: one in three individuals born in the UK today will encounter dementia in their lifetime. By 2025, we anticipate a million individuals grappling with this condition, rendering dementia care one of society’s most pressing challenges. Given the scarcity of effective treatments, social care, not just healthcare, emerges as the lifeline for those affected by dementia. Consequently, it’s imperative to overhaul the care system to better cater to their needs.

What we envision is a system where every individual with dementia and every caregiver receives tailored support to nurture their well-being, fostering independence and joy for as long as possible. This entails access to quality care, effortlessly obtainable and free, irrespective of geographical location – akin to the principles of our cherished NHS.

Let’s seize this moment to rectify past injustices and usher in an era of substantial investment and compassion from our governments. Together, let’s forge a legacy worthy of admiration.

At the Rainbow Care Group we’re changing the way dementia day care services are delivered across the UK and our commitment to ensuring universal access to dementia care remains unwavering. Join us as we strive for a future where no one is left without the critical support they require. Together, let’s make a meaningful difference, today and always.